Service summary

Project Jupyter is an open-source software project and community that builds software, services, and open standards for interactive computing across dozens of programming languages. The core of Jupyter is the Jupyter Notebook, an open document format and web application that enables users to compose and share interactive programs that combine live code with narrative text, equations, interactive visualizations, images, and more.

Transformative influence

Eight properties drawn from IOI’s concept of transformative influence:

Community engagement

Three properties describing the relationship between an organization and its community in the form of the presence of:

Researcher comment

Because Project Jupyter did not participate in the interviews, including our pre-interview questionnaire, these elements are missing for Project Jupyter in the information above. The Project Jupyter team kindly provided feedback on the rest of the presented information and provided financial information from their profit and loss cash reports. Additionally, the Project Jupyter team noted they receive funding from a number of sources that do not disclose their grant funding amounts publicly. As per our guidelines, these funding sources are not included in this analysis.