Service summary

The SciELO Network of SciELO Collections is one of the three components of the SciELO Model. It involves the cooperation and interoperability among each of the national and thematic collections and their integration through the global portal of National Collections (scielo.org). The network supports cooperation among countries to maximize the visibility, accessibility, usage and impact of articles, journals, collections of journals and the network of collections.

Transformative influence

Eight properties drawn from IOI’s concept of transformative influence:

Community engagement

Three properties describing the relationship between an organization and its community in the form of the presence of:

Researcher comment

We want to point out that SciELO is a complicated example of scholarly infrastructure involving technological and social structures. In this report, we are focussing on the technological functions that the SciELO network provides. An exploration of its function as social infrastructure is an important future area of investigation.