Primary funding source

Contributions, Gifts, and Grants

Total revenue and expenses
Total assets and liabilities
Contributions, gifts and grants vs. program revenue
Investment income vs. other revenue
Top granting organizations

List of major funders based on verifiable funding information (in alphabetical order)

Number of members or sponsors


Self-ranking importance measures

The data included below were supplied via a questionnaire sent to service providers prior to our interview with them.

Funding sources

We asked service providers to rate their reliance on the following sources of funding and income for their service. (1=not relevant, 2=of little importance, 3=average importance, 4=very important, 5=absolutely essential, n.s.=not solicited)

Cost percentages

We asked service providers to provide a breakdown of the following items in percentages of total annual budget allocated. Note: since this is estimated data, not all percentages add to 100%.